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Currently serving a twenty year sentence in the Women's Detention Center, Melanie Jacobs is thinking that life couldn't get any worse than it already has. Two people that she loved had betrayed her, and she'd done the unthinkable, which landed her in here in jail. Trying to adjust to prison life is hard, but Melanie somehow maintains with the help of her new found friends Chelsea and Bethany.

Chelsea is a spunky Chicana who doesn't cut any corners with anyone, she means what she says and says what she means. Bethany is not your average white girl. As a matter of fact, if you didn't see her for yourself you would swear she was black. She comes with cornrows in her head, and two gold teeth to match. The three girls take on prison life head on and form a bond that is unbreakable.

When a scandal hits the media, Melanie thinks that this is her blessing in disguise and is excited at the possibility of going home. What she doesn't realize is that someone wants revenge, and will stop at nothing to make it a reality. Will Melanie be able to get her once normal life back or will she end up having to once again do the unthinkable?


ON SALE july 26th, 2018


The Love she longed for 2


Most people dread chaos and then there are others who thrive off of chaos.  In fact they are content with chaos. Content to the point that it is Chaotic Bliss. In this novel there a few major players: Aris Smith, Nyree Shaw-Chandler, Shauna  Buchanan, Solomon James and Malachi Chandler.  Eventually they will cross paths with one another.

   Aris Smith has had a chaotic life from birth. Her mother got pregnant during her senior year of high school, and her father refused to acknowledge responsibility and pursued an athletic scholarship at Indiana University. Aris' mother could not handle the rejection and left Aris to be raised by her sister. Aris has always dealt with the spirit of rejection and when she met Sean Parker she thought he was her savior.  When things don't work out with Sean, Aris finds herself with her best friend, Antoine. Aris and Antoine begin a loving relationship but the taboo subject  of his sexual preference which had always been ignored  comes to haunt Aris. Aris loses her lover to someone close to her. Again, left to deal with her inner demons, Sean comes on the scene and does all he can to take the one thing that matters  to her in life---her child. Aris has never been anyone's fool so it's a good thing she has the one thing on her side that will crush Sean's world. READ MORE HERE



ON SALE july 24th, 2018