Sheletha Stokes

Sheletha Dy’Nette Stokes is the unique name my parents chose for me. Born and raised in the small town of Coila, Mississippi with nothing more to do, reading and writing became my favorite things to do. It was not until after a personal, hurtful life experience I had that lead me to begin writing short stories and novels.  My first writing, BitterSweet Dilemma, was an experience I was working on secretly, until one day; my sister opened my laptop and began reading. She instantly requested for more. After the passing of my closest aunt, paper and pencil became my new best friend making me realize I had a passion for writing.

Finishing up I Desired Her, She Desired Him, I knew that more than anything I wanted to see my name on this book. I knew I wanted the world to see my work. After twenty seven years and two small children, I want to be an inspirer to someone letting them know that no matter what you have been through in life, no matter what wrong turn you have taken, no matter how you are criticized or talked about, your past does not determine who or what you can be in the future.

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