Indya Bolden

Indya is a young mother raised and born in Chicago. She is an alumni for CVS High School Class of 2013. She had a passion for reading since she picked up her first book. In third grade she wrote her first song, she was nervous but she let some of her peers read it and they loved it. Ever since then she started to write about being the youngest child and her life. With time progressing in her teen years her songs became poetry. With poetry club (Team Exposure Explosion) in her senior year, she learned about the dramatics with every word she spoke. Taking the experiences with her she always had a quote, "my life feels like a movie, because I been through too much" with her support system and stress she started writing about her life and the teens who talks to her. In 2014 she fell in love sadly but she was blessed with a healthy baby girl Melodie. Ever since then she became her motivation for every decision she makes in life. Next year in 2016 Indya will be working for her bachelor degree for creative writing. 


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