Melanie: February 12th 1998

It’s a New Year and I have officially been sentenced. I’m now spending my time in my new home, the Women’s Detention Center, better known as WDC. I don’t know how I am going to survive in here, it’s like a whole other world. When the judge read my sentence of twenty years, for kidnapping and the murder of Meka, I knew my life was over. I wasn’t charged for E’s death as the bastard didn’t die, and obviously, he refused to press charges. Hell, I ruined my life and his ass still is breathing. My mother and father were so disappointed in me, but have been so supportive in everything. They got me the best lawyer, but with my confession at the hospital I sealed my own fate. My lawyer was currently working on getting me a lesser sentence and for me to spend that sentence in a Mental Health Institution. He said something about temporary insanity and crimes of passion. I didn’t care what he had to do, as long as it got me out of here. I was still full of anger, but the reality of what I was about to endure was slowly, but surely, ebbing the anger away. I knew that once you showed any sign of weakness in here that you would become an easy target for whoever felt like fucking with you.

Melanie: February 13th
5:30 a.m. WDC

I am awakened from my sleep by what felt like an elephant sitting on my chest. I struggle to open my eyes, and when I do I see that I am being held down by this big bitch. I was scared shitless, but I knew I couldn’t show it. Damn, I thought that I would have a while to go before any craziness happened. I knew that if I allowed this big bitch do what she wanted to me, it would start a vicious cycle. I instantly went into attack mode and began to wriggle underneath her. She had her hands down in her prison uniform and seemed oblivious to my struggling. I managed to get my hands free and used all my might to push her off me. Once she hit the floor I jumped on top of her, still struggling to breathe and commenced to beating her with everything I had in me. By this time there was a crowd outside our bunk and I knew that any moment now the Correctional Officers would be making an appearance. 

When I heard them screaming at me to get off her, I didn’t stop. I needed to make an example of this bitch. I felt a shock to my side and before I knew it, I was on the floor. The shock didn’t really hurt, but it smarted enough to stop me from whipping her ass. The first CO, whose last name was Miller, was looking at me with sympathy in her eyes. The second CO was trying to get Big Meech off the floor. Yes, her name was Big Meech. 
I was thrilled that I didn’t get in any trouble considering that she came into my area. I was warned that this couldn’t happen again. When they were taking Big Meech from my area, Sergeant Miller stopped and told me to stay strong and to keep my head up. I really looked at her this time. She was really pretty, she was about my height and she had the lightest brown eyes I had ever seen. She seemed like she wanted to be my friend and if that was the case, I wasn’t going to stop her. I needed all the help I could get in this hell hole. 

    I went about straightening up my area that had been destroyed due to the scuffle I had with big Bertha, my mother used that terminology in reference to a really fat girl. I turned around and immediately went into defense mode when I heard someone come into my cell. 

“Calm down, killer,” the strange looking Latina said to me laughing out loud. 
“What do you want?” I asked her. 

“I don’t want anything, I just wanted to see if you were ok,” the girl replies. I felt my body lose some of its tension when she reached her hand out for me to shake it. “I’m Chelsea.” 
“Mel,” I said, still sizing the stranger up. 

“I like the way you handled Big Meech,” she said, starting to laugh again. “She has been terrorizing every new bitch that comes in here. You were the only one to be able to take her down. And believe me, many have tried,” she states. 

I chuckle a little, beginning to feel myself. 

“You don’t have to worry about anybody else trying you,” she said. I was relieved to heard that, but I would still remain on-point because, after all, this is jail, there are no rules to survival.