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It seemed like every time she desired to do right, something would happen and she always ended up doing something wrong. It was a vicious, never-ending cycle that she wanted so desperately to change.


Nyree Shaw is a wealthy young woman who falls for Malachi Chandler, a guy from the wrong side of the tracks in Gary, Indiana.  This definitely is not West Side Story. She has always played by the rules and has done what was expected of her in life. Society pegged her as a "good girl." Malachi defies all the rules and allows her to live on the edge. Does she love him? She supposes she loves him enough to marry him however, two days before the marriage she cannot answer that question for herself or her pastor during marriage counseling. All of the signs as to why she should not say, " I do," are spelled out for her but she ignores them.

Nyree has never kidded herself, she knows that Malachi is a "bad boy." He's done his share of wrong.  Her mistake was thinking that he would never hurt her. During the honeymoon phase of their marriage she quickly realizes that her husband is a liar, cheater and a thief. Nyree comes to a harsh realization that you have to know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. In the process of discovering who she is and what is important to her she falls in love with Colin Jordan. Her mistrust of men and jealousy causes her to make incorrect assumptions about him. They have a falling out and she has no interest in smoothing out matters with him. However, her father, wealthy businessman, Edwin Shaw unknowingly puts the two into a situation that will bring them together. Just as Nyree is declaring her independence from Malachi and it would seem like cause to celebrate; Nyree learns that her mother has been hiding some secrets that will destroy the Shaw family. To add fuel to the fire, one moment of weakness on Nyree's part may shatter her happily ever after ending with Colin Jordan.

The Love She Longed For is a book in which no one is ever whom they appear to be.

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